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Copy of Amazonliss Vegan Keratin Hair Treatment Set 2.03 fl oz

Copy of Amazonliss Vegan Keratin Hair Treatment Set 2.03 fl oz

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These revolutionary hair products that make up vegan keratin treatment are developed with Go Green technology through advanced extraction technique. Vegan Care respects nature, considering your hair physiology and caring for the scalp. Having a perfect blend of sealant resins and lactic acid, our vegan keratin treatment enhances the uniformity of the cuticular surface, providing conditioning treatment and hair sealing.

  • Complete Hair Treatment: This vegan keratin treatment provides your hair with complete salon-like hair care and thermal protection. It’s perfect for people with all hair types and has a long-lasting effect.
  • Purifying Hair Shampoo: Our vegan keratin shampoo with its effective ingredients, provides your hair with deep hydration and nutrition. Regular use of the purifying shampoo makes your hair extremely silky and bright. Besides, don’t forget to use vegan keratin conditioner to maintain the hydration levels.
  • Thermal Active Mask (Reducer Fluid): The hair repair serum provides softness treatment to your hair to make it obedient and frizz-free. With the natural active ingredients, this mask will help you to get the smoother, softer, and shinier hair that has always been your dream!
  • Softness Mask: The vegan keratin mask provides deep hydration and complete nourishment to your hair and scalp. This natural hair product improves the health of your hair, prevents hair loss, damage and breakage, making your locks strong and healthy.

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