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Harlequin Chronos



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Emery Skincare oils are concentrated, long-lasting, and effective moisturizers that last throughout the day. Our all-natural oils such as Copaiba, Jojoba and Macadamia help to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and heal scars, as well as improve the overall softness and appearance of the skin by helping retain moisture. Absorbs easily. Packaged in amber glass to protect against oxidization and with a dropper to minimize waste.

  • Relieves skin inflammation 
  • Helps skin lock in and retain moisture
  • Helps prevent body acne
  • Remove toxins from the skin
  • Creates smoother, softer and younger looking skin

* Can be used in sensitive area like the underarms or bikini area


Grapeseed Oil;

Provides skin elasticity. Decreases hyperpigmentation. Treats acne breakouts. Protects from sun damage.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil;

Antibacterial. Antioxidant. Anti-Inflammatory. Emollient. Squalene producer.

Copaiba Oil;

Clarifies skin. Reduces inflammation. Antibacterial. Anti-fungal. Heals wounds.

Jojoba Oil;

Antibacterial. Antioxidant. Absorbs easily. Hypoallergenic. Collagen producer.

Avocado Oil;

Anti-Inflammatory. Heals wounds. Provides skin elasticity. Emollient.

Sunflower Oil;

Emollient. Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory. Unclogs pores.

Macadamia Oil;

Repairs scars. Anti-Inflammatory. Antioxidant. Squalene producer. Keratin producer.

Lemon Oil;

Antibacterial. Anti-fungal. Astringent. Decreases hyperpigmentation.

Tea Tree Oil;

Soothes dry skin. Combats oily skin. Anti-inflammatory. Antiseptic

How to Apply

Apply directly to skin or mix with your favorite moisturizer. Use daily. Test for allergens.

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