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Jade Charlie

Give Me Your Love, Hard Candy + Gardenia 11oz Candle

Give Me Your Love, Hard Candy + Gardenia 11oz Candle

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So maybe you got a little carried away after that first kiss. But if he didn’t want people to comment on all his pictures, why are they public? If he didn’t want you dropping by his job, why did he tell you where he works? Then he blocks your number out of nowhere? “Stalker”? Please, he’s the crazy one! Just grab your binoculars and move on. You'll find your prince


Candied Fruit, Gardenia, Raspberry, Amber, Musk


Citrus & Fruity

  • 80-hour burn time.
  • Made with an all-natural coconut beeswax blend
  • Highly scented w/ strong fragrance throw
  • Small batch and hand poured in Chicago, IL
  • Eco friendly and nontoxic ingredients
  • No formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, or lead
  • Reusable, recyclable jar and packaging

Large rooms, aromatherapy, home decor
Birthday, friendship, anniversary, bachelorette, or novelty gifts

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