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Organic Wonder Cream of French Landes, Integral Regeneration Nutrition

Organic Wonder Cream of French Landes, Integral Regeneration Nutrition

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Naturare is a French Organic, Green, Clean Slow Cosmetic Compagny. Our Skincare are regional products, 100% natural with plants from the Landes (South West of France). Suitable for sensitive skins🌱 Organic farming & Responsible picking.

                                             🌿 Organic Wonder Cream of French Landes 100% natural 🌿

                                                     Plant Quintessence - MADE IN FRANCE Landes 🇫🇷

                                               Soothes - Nourishes - Regenerates - Smoothes - Illuminates - Protects                                                      

                                                     (effectiveness proven by dermatology experts & people with sensitive skin)

Skincare with plants from the South West of France Highly concentrated - ALL SKIN TYPES even the most sensitive.

UNIQUE SYNERGY from the South West,
rich in essential active ingredients. A complete skin care : highly concentrated nutritive for a complete regeneration. The skin is soothed, nourished, soft, silky, radiant, intensely regenerated and pleasantly protected. Its perfecting action smoothes, clearly improves the brightness, the quality of the grain of the skin. Its pleasant texture brings an ultimate comfort, pleasant and flexibility to the skin without leaving an oily film. A care created specifically to meet the complex needs of the skin. To help it face the aggressions of modern life. Day after day, wake up with a luminous, regenerated skin and live your daily life in complete skin serenity. Opt for well-being - Re-energize yourself !

📋 ORGANIC COSMOS certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard (highest grade)

🤝 Ethical & Solidarity - Local partnerships
♻️ Eco-responsible

IDEAL for : Delicate skin, Skin stress, skin abused by Pollution, damaged by modern life and time Multiple signs of aging Dry or dull skin lacking radiance and suppleness. Or for dry hair, brittle hair, greasy hair, dull hair, without vigor, without volume, dry or irritated scalp.

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✔️ 100% certify the cream suitable for sensitive skin
✔️ 100% have soothed, nourished, smooth, soft, silky skin
✔️ 96% have regenerated skin
✔️ 96% appreciate the product, its texture, its properties
✔️ 95% have comfortable skin
✔️ 82% see an improvement in radiance, the quality of the skin texture

* Clinical use test carried out under dermatological control on 22 people from 19 to 64 years old during 21 days.

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       & Fragrance 
                100% NATURAL ORIGIN
                                       0% synthetic chemical / 0% TOXIC
🌿ACTIVE PLANT🌿                              Efficient, rare, precious & unprecedented
    ORIGIN  France - Southwest 🇫🇷
VEGETABLE  OILS hemp (cannabis sativa), plum (Prune of Agen, French city) hazelnut of Gascony, camelina
PLANT                              EXTRACT Immortal flowers of the Atlantic Coast Dunes,
🥝Kiwi of the French Landes, Maritime Pine of the French Landes, 🌾Oyat reeds of the Sands , Water Hemp, Vitamin E
    🌱 PLANTS                                 grown and harvested with respect to their cycles, renewal and ecosystem.
76% Organic from organic farming
73% Local from less than 200km from the Landes laboratory
+ Responsible & sustainable wild harvesting : Good practices in respecting the cycle of plants, their renewal and their ecosystem.
🐇 CRUELTY FREE ❌ No tests on Animals (neither finished products / raw materials)
   🤚 DAILY USE   ⌛ Duration  3 to 6 months depending on the frequency of use
     🌞 Day  in greedy awakening
(express compatible with a make-up application)
    🌙 Night In night regeneration
                                   Face, neck, décolleté, hands
Take a small amount of cream and spread it over the face. Massage gently with small circular movements towards the outside of the face, in order to release tension. Experience a moment of pure relaxation and
   🌎 ECO-  
           FRIENDLY ♻️

Formula Biodegradable

Glass bottle Recycled / Infinitely Recyclable optimal conservation 
air / micro-organisms protect
inert, non-reactive, no contribution of controversial substances
Grass cardboard case Recycled / Biodegradable / Recyclable no cutting of trees, no chemical products during the manufacturing process (reduced impact - less energy consuming - reduced water consumption - waste water without chemical products).
Kraft carton package / Kraft vegetal gum adhesive tape Recycled / Biosourced /

INCI : ANTHEMIS NOBILIS (CHAMOMILE) FLOWER WATER * - GLYCERIN (vegetal moisturizer) - JOJOBA ESTERS (Plant) – AQUA (WATER) - HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED WAX – CERA ALBA (BEESWAX) * (harvested from the bees' breath) - CORYLUS AVELLANA SEED OIL  - PRUNUS DOMESTICA (PLUM) SEED OIL* - BENTONITE (Clay) - ACTINIDIA CHINENSIS (KIWI) SEED OIL - CHONDRUS CRISPUS EXTRACT (Seaweed) - CAMELINA SATIVA SEED OIL * - CANNABIS SATIVA (HEMP) SEED OIL * - STEVIA REBAUDANIA LEAF EXTRACT * (Plant Water Hemp) - AMMOPHILA ARENARIA ROOT EXTRACT * (Oyat reeds of the Sands) - HELICHRYSUM STOECHAS FLOWER EXTRACT * (Immortal flowers of Dunes) - PINUS PINASTER BARK EXTRACT (Maritime Pine) – TOCOPHEROL (Vegetal Vitamin E) - GLYCINE SOJA (SOYBEAN) OIL (Vegetal) - ACACIA DECCURENS FLOWER WAX (Mimosa flower) - POLYGLYCERIN-3 (Vegetal from Ricin oil) - SODIUM ANISATE (Vegetal - antimicrobial pH regulator) – MICA (Natural anti-caking) - CI 77891 (Natural micrometric shape -  present in many organic sun creams) - SODIUM LEVULINATE (Vegetal - from corn) – FRAGRANCE (100% natural with Flowers) - SODIUM STEAROYL GLUTAMATE (from vegetable oils) - GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE (Vegetal) - XANTHAN GUM (Vegetal - thickener) - LACTIC ACID (Fruit acid - AHA - pH regulator).

*from organic farming

Rating Independent Consumer Applications :    🏆 EXCELLENT  

🥇 100/100 by YUKA 🥕      

🥇 18.8 / 20 by INCI BEAUTY 🌸

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Take care of yourself, your skin, your beauty, your well-being, your health while preserving that of Our Beautiful Planet ?

It is possible ! Let's preserve Biodiversity together, let's favour the Natural and let's support : Farmers, Arboriculturists, Horticulturists, Laboratory & responsible approaches. Let's build together a greener and brighter future to pass it on to our future , quite simply for the Natural Wellness : Beneficial, effective & ecological.

                               Take care of yourself and Our Beautiful Planet

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